Ab Crack is the new fitenss trend this year that is pushing men and women around the world to get back into their fitness and bodybuilding routine. The Ab Crack is the vertical line which appears above your belly button and shows on ultra-flat stomachs and ones that have been worked out painstakingly to perfection. Not everyone can achieve this amazing look – but everyone can try! It takes perseverance, routine, will, motivation and a lot of workouts. Here are out top ten favorite Instagram users that have taken up the trend and have given us the pleasure of flaunting their beautifully sleek, straight Ab Cracks! Boys and girls, here are our Ab crack specialists:

3Alex_Alessandro – Ab Crack Picture

@alex_alessandro has taken a selfie on a new level. His Ab crack will have women falling all over him and his lifestyle choices are ones to be proud of! His fitness and workouts have helped shape his Ab crack, along with his super-healthy diet. Take note men because #alex_alessandro has got the Ab Crack down to a perfection. Toned muscles, a slim figure and an Ab crack to die for – he is on our list because he makes it look so effortlessly easy.

2Jhossyaris – Ab Crack

@jhossyaris isn’t ashamed to state that he is a fitness addict and a body building fan. He probably spends his life in the gym to not only achieve a ten pack but an Ab crack too. While posing plainly for the camera and showing off his lime green sneakers, the only thing anyone has probably noticed is his taught muscles and abs that would probably make every woman and man sweat just thinking about them. #jhossyaris might have many admirers on the social site Instagram but he has many fans outside of the social media on the net. We admire his strength and willpower to achieve the look which is particularly remarkable.

1Tigfitness – Ab Crack

@tigfitness has an awfully painful set of abs and a deep Ab crack which along with the tan and slim posture – he will be melting hearts all around town. He claims that after eighteen weeks of hardcore fitness these are his results. Along with hard work and motivation and a hard-core fitness routine he has achieved results that only one could dream about.

These Instagram users are an inspiration to us all. They have taken their fitness and workouts and shown us all what results can be achieved. It is about time that we all thought about keeping fit, eating healthy and doing a regular workout. Hardcore fitness can achieve these results – as proven by these fitness fanatics. We have to applaud them for their hard work and amazing will which has given them these toned stomachs and developed Ab cracks. Now it is time to get started on your own personal goals and workout….can you achieve the new trendsetter of ‘Amazing Ab Cracks’?