Jen Selter is a name which produces division amongst those who know her. Her figure is praised by some asthe ideal body, whilst others claim that she is too thin, and presents an unrealistic body image for young and older women alike. Her fitness programs have been seen as a major breakthrough in the world of everyday fitness, yet it has also been decried as faddish and nothing more than untested speculation. However, one of her most noticeable assets recently has been her famed Ab Crack.

Jen Selter rose to fame through social media, most noticeably Instagram; with photos of her famously round behind becoming a hit amongst both men and women. At 300,000 followers, she received sponsorship offers from an array of sports, wellbeing and nutrition companies. Now, with a staggering 9.5 million followers through Instagram and over a million on Twitter, she is the spokesperson for a wealth of international brands. Unsurprisingly, with her strict diet and health regime, Jen Selter has been seen as an authority figure for modern day fitness. Her toned abs, healthy skin and low body fat are thanks to a combination of disciplines which have been incorporated into her own brand of fitness program. However, her ab crack has produced an overwhelming reception.

Jen Selter Ab Crack Selfie
Jen Selter, a New Yorker Fitness Model has one of the most achievable Ab Cracks /// Photo:

Ab cracks are longed for by women the world over. It has replaced the ‘six pack’ as the part of the stomach to show off; one step above this traditional ‘ideal stomach’, the ab crack is pretty much what it sounds like; a noticeable vertical ‘crack’ along the abdomen showing extreme muscle toning. It cannot be achieved simply through normal, everyday exercise; the ab crack has to be the desired end result. Many celebrities have been following the trend in recent months, proudly showing their lines on social media and in photo shoots. However, ab cracks have also been written off or condemned outright by health and nutrition experts who claim it is the sign of an unhealthy lifestyle, and only for women hell bent on achieving an ‘ideal body’ at all costs. This response has been similar to the ‘thigh gap’ trend of several years ago, with experts deeming it unachievable without dangerous malnutrition.

Jen Selter ab crack
Whenever Jen Selter is wearing Underwear you will se her perfect body and an Ab Crack

However, Jen Selter, for millions, is not just seen as a physically attractive woman and standard by which many women judge their bodies; she’s also now seen as an authority figure in leading a healthy life. So is it possible that her new ab crack is the result of consciously leading a healthy lifestyle?

Jen Selter herself has not commented on her pronounced ab crack, nor is she likely to. Her ab workout is famed the world over and has proven to be popular with fitness fanatics who are aiming for a flat stomach, or building on that and working towards a six pack, so Jen Selter is sure to want this new addition to her impressive body to be seen as something that the average person can have. But Jen Selter’s ab crack may actually be unattainable for those that she is showing it off too.

Jen Selter underwear
Jen Selter has almost 10 million Followers on Instagram. /// Photo:

Doctors claim that ab cracks are more down to genetics than hard work. Whilst stringent exercise and a strict diet may help it become more pronounced, it’s claimed that the linea alba, as it is officially named, is either visibly present, or not, depending on our make up and build. So it’s possible that Jen Selter and countless other celebrities are showing off something that they’re simply fortunate enough to have had in the first place. Nevertheless, scientific fact has rarely got in the way of trying to achieve a dream body, and it’s unlikely to in this case.

In any case, if anyone knows about ab cracks and was likely to turn up next with one on show, it’s Jen Selter; she has sported a behind that could make Kim Kardashian jealous, combined with a small, petite body frame and impressive bust, ranking her 82nd in 2014’s AskMen list of the 99 most desirable women, thanks to her rare and admired collection of desirable features. And ab cracks are going to be synonymous with physical fitness, so it’s fitting that it ends up on Jen Selter’s stomach out of anyone’s.

Jen Selter Bikini
You will have to work out hard to achieve this kind of Ab Crack. /// Photo: Instagram @jenselter

Whether Jen Selter herself achieved this feat through exercise, sensible nutrition, a combination of the two or just being downright unhealthy is unknown. With such a reputation for maintaining fitness, she’s unlikely to have starved herself into such a noticeable shape, and she’s noticeably physically active, leading critics to be of the opinion she has simply worked hard enough to expose her ab crack. But whatever the reason, she has produced both awe and criticism in equal measure. Regardless of this, though, her ab crack is already something that people are making no secret of trying to emulate; on the internet, and in particular social media, the 22 year old has become synonymous with it, with women of all ages being unashamed of the fact that Jen Selter’s ab crack for them is the standard.

Jen Selter in a Bikini with her Sister
Jen Selter with her Sister. Jen Selter in a Bikini. /// Photo: Instagram @jenselter