Ab cracks have become the newest craze in fitness. Elle described them as the new six pack. An ab crack is a vertical streak that runs in the middle section of the abdomen. It is typically present in people with very lean and flat abdominal muscles, called abs. There have been a lot of ab crack displays from models and celebrities on social media and magazines. Among Jen Selter and Emily Ratajkowski, Izabel Goulart is one of the models who has brought fame to the ab crack. The Victoria’s Secret model is renowned for her insanely toned abdominal muscles.

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The Picture fromthe Brazilian Model Izabel Goulart made ab cracks popular and was published around the world.

Izabel Goulart’s Instagram feed is a showcase of how much she works to attain her perfectly toned body. The fact that she comes from Brazil, a country where beach life is prominent, Izabel has always been careful about how she looks. Getting an ab crack doesn’t come easy, though – it requires extensive workouts and strict adherence to fitness plans, and that is what Izabel Goulart is all about. Like some people, Izabel Goulart is also fortunate to have good genes. Some people have naturally flat stomachs regardless of how they eat or how much they workout. It is not a guarantee, though that a flat belly will automatically come with an ab crack. Izabel Goulart shares some of the routines that she keeps to get that lean stomach; and consequently, an awe-inspiring ab crack. Izabel dubbed her fitness routine #BodybyIza. Here are a few of them.

Izabel Goulart Bikini, ab crack, ab cracks, bikini, sexy model, brazilian
Izabel Goulart has the perfect bikini body.


Kickboxing is a popular workout routine and for Izabel Goulart, it’s a reminder that there is no profit without putting in the work. As she says it, « no pain, no gain ». Kickboxing is an effective way of burning calories and fat. Some estimates give about 500-800 calories burnt in an hour of kickboxing. For Izabel Goulart, It is a great way to work out the core, leading to a lean abdominal section. Kickboxing also focuses on the arms, thighs, shoulder and glutes. Besides working the various parts of the body, it is also excellent in relieving stress. From her posts on Instagram, Izabel Goulart uses kickboxing as a warm up before getting into her daily routine.

Core Workouts

Izabel Goulart says that she has various exercises where she does a lot of core. Izabel uses an inflated ball and a wheel for some of her core workouts. Izabel Goulart practices every day and advises that with two to three months of workouts, anyone can do it. Plank exercises are some of the best when trying to strengthen the core. Some of the core exercises that Izabel Goulart engages in like raising weights with the feet on a wheel are extensive and suitable for someone with the right skills. The perfect core workout should not only strengthen the abdominal muscles but the spine, ribcage, hips and pelvis as well. One type to steal from Izabel Goulart’s routine is a forearm plank handstand split lift.

Rope Jump

Perhaps one of the simplest Izabel Goulart workouts is jumping rope. The exercise routine helps in burning calories and fat cells. Apparently, a rope jump will go through 10 calories a minute. The best thing – a jump rope workout doesn’t require going to the gym. Izabel Goulart uses the exercise for warm-ups before getting into intense workouts of the day.


Izabel’s stretching workouts are some of the most impressive, especially with her long limbs. Stretching improves flexibility and results in a limber body. The right stretching exercises work on the abs, chest, legs and glutes. Izabel Goulart has a host of equipment that she utilises for stretching exercises. She also has some Pilates-inspired stretches combined into her routine.

Izabel Goulart stretching, in the fitness studio
Stretching is part of Izabel’s Fitness program


Another fitness routine that Izabel Goulart includes in their workouts is running. A running routine does not require you to join a gym, and it is fun as well. Running works very well in keeping the whole body fit and improving cardio health. It is easy to schedule a running exercise plan to suit your fitness requirements. Izabel Goulart says that running is one of her favourite outdoors activities.

Izabel Goulart Model, Fitness, running, run, sports, ab crack
The Victoria Secreat Model Izabel Goulart exercises a wide variety of sports.

Fun Activities

Fitness does not have to be all work. Some of Izabel Goulart’s routines are quite involving, but some are just about having fun. She combines some recreational activities to achieve her fitness goals. She posted photos of her playing tennis with her aunt, swimming and dancing. Swimming is not just relaxing; it strengthens the core section. It is also about giving yourself some time off from a challenging daily routine. In an interview, Izabel Goulart said that sports have always been a part of her. From volleyball to running to Olympic-style gymnastics, she did everything. According to Izabel Goulart, sports activities were responsible for giving her focus, motivation and strength.

Weight Training

Izabel Goulart also has a routine for weight training exercises. Weight training is perfect for building strength and enhancing the muscles. It is also effective in burning fat. There are different workouts for the abs, shoulders, chest and legs. Izabel Goulart says that she even does them when in her hotel room when travelling.

Izabel Goulart, Model, Yoga, Fitness
The Model Izabel Goulart uses Yoga to bring her body in shape.


Izabel showcases a few yoga poses that help her relax as part of her workout routine. Yoga is not only effective in strengthening the body but the mind as well. Numerous yoga workouts are ideal for toning the abdominal muscles and getting a flat belly and ab crack. Yoga exercises help with stretching the body, strengthening the muscles and clearing the mind.

There are a lot of other exercise routines that Izabel Goulart uses to achieve her lean body and six pack abs. From compound movements, side crunches, TRX to resistance band exercises, she does it all. Izabel Goulart says that in the backstage of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she does a lot of squats and lunges with her fellow angels. Ab cracks are not easy to accomplish for most people. It is a matter of pushing the body with the most intense exercise routines and diet. Izabel Goulart does not believe in crazy diets that people get on to lose weight. Izabel makes sure she has a protein drink, which is usually a juice blend she prepares herself and a protein bar. Izabel Goulart also travels with a kit containing an inflatable medicine ball, a jumping rope and a band to help with her workouts when she is on the road.

Izabel Goulart, beautiful, Model, sexy, body, ab cracks
Izabel Goulart has a beautiful body and a perfect ab crack